By Joanne Joseph

Selected Poems

"The Mother Hen of the Beat Generation"
- Ted Richer, Poet


Joanne Joseph, actor, poet, mother, lover, is a member of SAG/AFTRA & AEA, Dramatists Guild, and many other arts organizations.  She lives in New York City and performs at several venues. Grants include Fulbright, Vogelstein Foundation, The Thanks Be To Grandmother Winifred Foundation, The Student Project for Amity Among Nations.  She can be seen on Season Five of The Sopranos, in the film Artie Lang’s Beer League, Godfather 1, etc.  She has performed Shakespeare extensively here and abroad. She was literary assistant to Lawrence Ferlinghetti at City Lights Books and Publishers in San Francisco at the beginning of the Beat Generation.  Now she speaks in her own voice.


“I listened to your very creative CD and I would say that the whole of it is a very fine piece..with much wit.  Con affetto, Lawrence Ferlinghetti.”

“Jaunty, droll, compassionate and clever, Joanne Joseph dares to venture into the most vulnerable of subjects with a voice at once self-possessed and self-effacing.  Her humor and her wry wisdom about love make this CD a marvelous introduction to her work. Full of quirky quips about art, death, and romance, it’s accompanied by musical punctuation that evokes Joanne Joseph’s richly lived life and times.  Molly Peacock.”

“Joanne Joseph’s review of the world is a delightfully wacky blending of postmodern with the mundane rantings of the voice of everyman/woman.  It is a joy.  Lorraine Serabian.”

“ I really love your work, very contemporary and fun.  It feels like a modern dance expressing the beauty of our ironic life, on a colorful canvas.  Vera Mulyani.”

“ I just now finished listening to your CD. I had no idea you had written poetry.  It is humorous, touching and quite incisive.  I can especially relate to the section on temporary Day Jobs.  You certainly speak sharply and accurately to anyone who has gone through the experience.  I think the music throughout is a perfect complement to your work. Thank you so much. Ken Starrett.”

“Delightful, clear, direct, and very professional. Did I mention funny?  Arthur Hammer.”

“Have you done any voice overs lately?  You should.  Tom Beel.”

“I cried when I listened. You deserve every bit of recognition and success there is. Ted Richer.”

“Don’t worry about revealing deep private things in your poetry. Go ahead! The world at large doesn’t pay attention to poetry in any case.  David Ignatow.”


RESONANCES BY Joanne Joseph    Selected Poems   [ A chapbook of 26 poems.]
published 2013 by Finishing Line Press


Finishing Line Press
P.O. Box 1626
Georgetown, Kentucky 40324

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RESONANCES by Joanne Joseph is also available on AMAZON.

Early quotes on Resonances:

I could hear you speaking as I read. You are one of the good ones.Cheryl Penkow”

“ I especially liked page 7. Lawrence Ferlinghetti.”

“ I read the poem about us out loud to Anne. We both cried. David Greenwood.”

“Well, at least you got a lot of poetry out of it. [ex-lover]”

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sample: 03 Life Death and Art

sample: 04 Politics and Sightings





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